Words – Leading Calibrators-mx


“WORDS are the first industrial tools, for inherently they involve a plurality of people and are also inherently prior to relayed communication and integration of the respective experiences of a plurality of individuals. This is reminiscent of the scriptural account, “In the beginning of Industrialization, through the relayed experience of all people – permitted through the individualization of the spoken and written word-
“Involves all experiences of all people everywhere in history” Bucky Fuller

COSTS/EXCHANGE=1. As HUMANS, “WE” are always EXCHANGING and there is always a level of COST in every exchange. Nothing is FREE!
1. ENERGY…every human comes to this planet as an energy packet, EXCHANGING ENERGY to create……

2. SPACE ….from the very conception of a HUMAN, we are by DESIGN CREATING SPACE!
SPACE starts as 2 being one.

3. TIME…..is only a cost in so much as HUMANS use TIME to measure ENERGY and SPACE created. “Time is not MONEY”. TIME is a CALIBRATED MEASUREMENT created by HUMANS to make sense of UNIVERSE DESIGN.

a. GERMINATION: Start growing from seed

b. GESTATION: The development of the seed and the time it takes to develop

c. METABOLIC: After development, metabolic rate is the how long does it last and what is the speed it moves at?
For example: planting the human seed is a few minutes in time and the germination is a very specific timeframe….the gestation rate of a human is 40 weeks from germination until birth. The metabolic rate of the created human is determined by the way the human’s life happens……. A few minutes out to over a hundred years

4. MONEY is not a G.O.D. DESIGN and is not a need. MONEY is a HUMAN DESIGN and is a want. MONEY, like TIME, is a HUMAN- made SYSTEM and stores ENERGY and TIME to create SPACE to allow a HUMAN to live a better life, giving choices to the HUMAN and all AROUND that HUMAN. MONEY is a powerful SYSTEM and when understood, changes lives. No matter good or bad, black or white, right or wrong, Man or Woman…… MONEY is just a SYSTEM created by HUMANS.

“YOU” and “ME” will not buy a chicken dinner on Mars with any HUMAN MONEY.