You have just made one of the most important decisions you can ever make as an entrepreneur. You have chosen to complete a thorough health assessment of your business. Research tells us that more than 70% of business failures are directly related to the fact that business owners either do not recognize or simply ignore their weaknesses.

To make matters worse, they never seek professional assistance to help them overcome those challenges.

The Net Present Analysis helps you develop tremendous clarity about the health of your business. The Net Present Analysis is more than a simple survey. Rather, it is a tool for determining your business’s Net Present Position (NPP).  Through isolating fundamental sectors of every business we are able to provide a crystal clear overview of your business. More specifically these sectors are:








These questions will help you to accurately identify what determines a 1— 10 rating for your business in any given area. Once the initial Net Present Analysis is completed, a Certified SalesPartners Franchisee will analyse your results and get back to you on how we can best support your business.