Rules of Business-mx


1.The Business must have Products or Service (Supplier and Manufacturer)
2.The Business must have Customers
3.The Business Customers always Pay
4.The Business that supplies Products or Services must ADD VALUE
5.The Business must be PROFITABLE
6.The BUSINESS-PROCESS must REPEAT thus creating “MORE-WITH-LESS” OUTCOMES for all relationships


Exchange Cycles


The fundamental of all business is the costs exchange of Time, Energy, Products/Service and Money ….. Cost is where all risk starts.
Pricing exchange is always the mitigation of any risk that has been taken.
Again….Time, Energy, Product/ Service and Money play their part in exchange cycles.

The money cycle is like the blood flow of business. If you are bleeding money, you will die. If the money does not flow “IN” and “OUT”, areas of your business you will need to cut off limbs to survive. If money gets contaminated by high business costs and or poor compliance practise, you will get a money fever and the business could die. Money has a timing cycle that needs to be understood to create real Wealth. The timing cycle of money depends on the Exchange cycle of any business. And always includes “IN, OUT, BETWEEN, AROUND