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Franchise Control Systems was founded as a mechanism to reduce the marginal cost of operating franchise systems. The FCS Model has been derived and refined through the development of different affiliate brands, resulting in a flexible, scalable model which reflects the necessity in the market for lateral scale with top-down control mechanisms.

The FCS Model absorbs key attributes from the Vertical-Scaled Enterprise Model and Laterally-Scaled Enterprise Model, which in essence are:

  • Hierarchical Decision Structure
  • Laterally Scaled into Market
  • Degrees of Autonomy through Spheres of Control
  • Correlation of Independent Entities through Legal Infrastructure

This Model is achieved through the core building blocks of the network, the ‘One-Person Corporations’. In these single-person-operated businesses, individual people are able to leverage the resource provided by FCS to enter into the market, acquire & maintain requisite market share to support lifestyle, and systematically reduced the costs of running a franchise business.


FCS is a business which integrates technology with business systems and processes to produce a unique franchise business model. This model provides a lateral scale into any market. This model is currently deployed and in use in Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, the United States and Mexico.
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Why Franchising?

As the OPC grows its wealth a local area, the network of businesses in the franchise model grows its wealth with it. To look at the strength of a business network from a top-down perspective is inherently flawed, the strength of a business network is the sum total of the strength of its constituents, from a purely bottom-up approach. It is the will of the networks base units (its franchisees) to produce wealth for themselves which produces the wealth for the Brand. As we say internally “You must succeed for us to succeed”.

Whilst operating our businesses for thirty years we have seen many models of managing human resource for optimal performance. After testing many ourselves, what we know to be true is an individual preforms at their peak when at personal risk and in-control of their potential. This is why we franchise.

Why FCS?

Whilst different industries have different products, rules and regulations the core principles of business remain consistent, regardless of the industry. There is always a supplier, a customer, a product, a service, KPI’s, and critical actions that must be taken for success. By understanding these principles through years of owning and managing companies of different sizes and scales, we have created a generic franchising model, which is made specific to the customer by its initial deployment into use, and refined by constant feedback.

We exclusively work with “skin in the game”, which means with our customers we acquire equity in their franchising brand, co-operating with them to develop the brand, sharing the risk and reward with them, all the way from the inception to the long-term management of the brand.


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Our Awesome Core Technologies

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.


The newest cutting-edge innovation in franchise information systems, utilising API integration into strategic platforms, so that wherever you are in the world, you can connect with your business in real-time. Within it, we have:

Take payments for your work on the spot, and have the account immediately allocated. If you’re customer is on terms, have the customer pay via credit card into a comprehensive customer payment portal, designed to streamline your payment.

In a world where linear interactions are the only metric monitored by customer relationship management systems, we have developed a system with Google Maps which adds the dimensions of key accounting information (consumption metrics), interaction information, geospatial information and hierarchical business intelligence, all composed in a user interface simple for any user. We call this our Customer Behavioral Management System.

Affiliate Brands

Take a look at how our affiliate brands are doing. We succeed because they succeed.

Hosemasters International
Hosemasters International

The international franchisor of the Hosemasters franchise.

HM Australia
Hosemasters Australia

The national franchisor for Hosemasters in Australia, based in Perth, Western Australia.

Hosemasters United States
Hosemasters United States

The national franchisor for Hosemasters in the United States, based in Laredo, Texas.

HM South Africa
Hosemasters South Africa

The national franchisor for Hosemasters in the South Africa, based in Pretoria, South Africa.

SalesPartners Worldwide
SalesPartners WorldWide

The international franchisor for the SalesPartners franchise.

BSP International
IBSPA International

The international franchisor for the IBSPA franchise.


The developer of intellectual property for FCS group companies.

Onsite Alliance Logo
Onsite Service Alliance

The international platform for all onsite service providers.

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